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Professional 50 States Protection LLC. (Pro 50) is passionate about providing the highest quality Security Professional. It is the our mission not to simply perform the statement of work on the contract but to take the Incumbent Personnel whom will remain after they have been given the first right of refusal and create a more “Polished, Customer Service Oriented and Alert Security Professional”.

We have conducted research of how the contract has performed in the past and have identified several critical training areas of which we believe need to be improved in order to help properly protect and serve the citizens of Prince Georges County and visitors, residents and employees at the National Harbor. We will strategically improve on these areas by implementing a longer more effective curriculum which will satisfy the client’s requirements as well as re-mold and develop a more professional security force.

Professional 50 States Protection LLC, in-house Instructors have specialized subject matter expertise and are currently certified by the Maryland Police & Correctional Training Commission as Enhanced Instructors. Our Instructional staff is cross trained for every aspect of Law Enforcement and Security. By providing and conducting initial, on site and continuous refresher training, an effective project specific schedule will be implemented by our dynamic subject matter experts which will enhance the Security Professionals that will be conducting the scope of work at the National Harbor.

At a minimum the following levels of Training will be provided:

A Total of 56 hrs of training of which Eight (8) hours of will consist of off-site training and forty (48) hours of onsite training (16 hours of patrol must be performed with senior security onsite supervisor).

Pro 50’s approved training will at a minimum cover the following topics:

  • General duties specific to contract and codes of conduct
  • Automated external defibrillators
  • Customer service
  • Legal authority
  • Search and seizure laws and practices
  • Evidence preservation techniques
  • Basic Patrol Duties
  • Intermediate Weapons & Use of Force

In addition to the minimum training the following subject matters will be added to the client’s requirement or have revised lesson plans:

Uniforms, Equipment and Grooming 1 hours
Pro 50 believes that a strict Para-military “cutting edge” Uniform and Grooming Standards policy is critical. We want to WOW an individual who approaches the National Harbor and see the Pro 50 Officer dawning our Uniform! Officer is the first impression of the contractor and the Harbor, and we want it to last.

Professional 50 will not only conduct training on this matter but utilize the Non-Post Positions to conduct shift briefings and post inspections.

Customer Service 2 hours
Knock Your Socks off Customer Service for Public Safety Personnel developed by University of Michigan. After the citizens, visitors and employees who enter the buildings at the National Harbor view a “crisp and sharp” uniformed officer that is compliant with the Uniform and Grooming Standards Policy. The officer’s customer service training will be displayed by a proper and professional individual that possess inter-personal communication skills. Professional 50 will employ and develop security professionals with outstanding customer skills.

Drugs and Alcohol 2 hours
Security Officers will have an awareness and understanding of the company Drug and Alcohol Policy and be able to recognize individuals/suspects who may be viewed as disorderly or potentially under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

SLATT (State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training Program) for Security Officers 2 hours
State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training Program- The security officers will be familiarized with Domestic Terrorism, International Terrorism and Fraudulent Documents in order to properly be a first responder to incidents that may involve maritime, chemical, biological or hazmat incidents.

Refresher Training
Pro 50 will conduct refresher training that will consist of at least 40 hours to all assigned security officers. All refresher training will be client specific and consist of:

  • Use of Force Review
  • CPR / AED and First Aide
  • Intermediate Weapons Re-Certification
  • Patrol Officer Awareness which will consist of an analysis of serious and critical incidents
Why hire us?

We offer you several key factors to consider when reviewing your security program:

  • Professionalism
  • Training/Experience
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Affordability


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