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Professional 50 States Protection routinely locates witnesses, heirs, and other persons of interest in legal proceedings for attorneys and government agencies. Select performs background investigations of key employees and potential business partners or investors. These are not typical pre-employment screens, and if that is what you seek, a company geared to that service is a better choice. Select offers "due diligence" investigations as an important step in corporate matters to provide reliable information for decision-making and to prevent future problems.

We do not sell telephone records, social security numbers, addresses, or other data. We do not sell information "à la Carte." We legally obtain information and evidence in the course of an investigation and use it exclusively in that individual case.

We are often called by individuals who would like us to locate someone on their behalf. We are aware of instances in which someone had been stalked, or worse, when addresses, social security numbers or other information has been disclosed by a private investigator. To respect the privacy of everyone, we will notify the person you are seeking and give them your information. They are then free to reach you as they wish.

We have access to data bases that are exclusively for the use of law enforcement and private investigators. We use multiple methods to verify that the information we have obtained is accurate and up to date. We give each case our close attention. Professional 50 States Protection continuously seeks to meet the needs of our clients and to solve the problem, whatever it may be.
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We offer you several key factors to consider when reviewing your security program:

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  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Affordability


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